Anyone Can Become a Great Communicator

Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

anyone Can Become a Great Communicator

A Bible-Based Video Curriculum with Bruce Wilkinson

A great communicator keeps people eagerly listening. His or her message makes a striking impression that deeply impacts and changes lives. A skilled communicator with an inspiring message can even greatly alter the course of history!

On the other hand, have you ever listened to a speaker who (we hate to say it) was so boring, that you actually found yourself struggling hard not to be demotivated? You don't want to speak publicly or teach like that. If you're a pastor, you don't want the leaders in your church to teach that way, either. The same thing goes if you train pastors or Christian educators.

Instead, you want listeners to lean forward and hang on the edge of their seats. You want the message to really get across, and for them to be truly inspired!

Now comes a highly educational and entertaining new 8-session Bible-based video course by Bruce Wilkinson that teaches tried-and-true skills to gain confidence and mastery in the area of communication.

Prepare to learn some mind-blowing Maxims and Methods about how learning takes place and what matters most in ensuring that your message is well received. Discover how great communicators use their body language, their voice, their gestures, and their eyes to greatly enhance communication.

Anyone Can Become a Great Communicator: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime — regardless of subject, personality, or situation. So join us — and stir up an excitement in listeners that causes them to want to hear and learn.

Why not take a moment to watch the overview clip below of this insightful  course?

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