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The Three Levels of Fruit Bearing Chart

The Three Levels of Fruit Bearing Chart

Understanding the differences between chastening, pruning and abiding reveals the 3 levels of fruit-bearing. This poster is a reminder of God’s refining process in your life---and helps you continually recognize the depth of His desire that you bear
“much fruit”.

John 15:5 Inspiration poster

John 15:5 Inspiration Poster 

Celebrate God’s plan for your life by printing and displaying this colorful poster illustrating John 15:5. As you draw closer to Him along your spiritual journey and realize that abiding in Him is the way to increase fruitfulness, you’ll find it’s beautiful here in His vineyard!

Motivational Quotation Poster

Motivational Quotation Poster

Enjoy this downloadable poster that demonstrates 10 inspiring quotes about fruit-bearing which will capture your imagination and inspire a desire to abide in Christ. Download this full-color work of art that brings together 10 unique thoughts from around the world.