Student Instructions

Welcome New Student!

The website is your source for all tools and information regarding the Bible School On Wheels (BSOW) initiative.  Use the instructions below to navigate the website, and follow the step-by-step instructions to register, download your free gifts and publicity items, download and view PDF workbooks, and download/stream video course sessions (all of which can be placed on a USB drive or media of your choice to share, to print, or to view).

You can access any of the BSOW Course product pages from the home page.  At the top of this home page you will find general information on the Bible School On Wheels initiative.  Scroll down to view the promotional video What Is the Bible School On Wheels?   Below the video are two columns which give you access to the BSOW product catalogs.

BSOW Home Page

Please note that there is a course product webpage for each of the courses that are a part of the Bible School on Wheels Year #1 collection, which includes 5 Core Courses and 5 Elective Courses.   

The Core Course product pages provide information only about the 5 DVD courses included in the Bible School On Wheels course case in your BSOW box.   All video sessions and promotional materials are contained in the DVDs in your BSOW DVD case.

The Elective Course product pages allow you to download the course video sessions, download PDF print-ready copies of the course workbook, and download your free gifts/publicity pieces – and to register as a student if you are not already registered. 

We will use the Elective Course product page for the Become a Transformed Woman course as an example. 

To access the product page from the home page:

  1. From the navigation menu in the top right corner of the page, roll over the Bible School On Wheels menu options, and from the dropdown list, select Elective Courses or;
  2. Visit  Scroll down the page to the area below the What Is the Bible School On Wheels? launch video.  You will see a section for the 5 Core Courses and a section for the 5 Elective Courses.  Slide your pointer over the 5 Electives Courses section, which becomes shaded, and click anywhere in the shaded area.

You are taken to the Elective Courses page.

  1. Scroll down the list of Elective Courses in the column on the right side of the page.  Click the image of the Become A Transformed Woman DVD Case.

Become A Transformed WomanProduct Page

Each product page contains information about the course at the top.  Scroll up or down to view options available from this page.  As you scroll down, you will find a description of the course, as well as a streaming promotional video.  To download all pieces for this course, scroll to the area below the promotional video and follow the steps below:

Download Free Gift and PromotionalItem PDFs

To download PDFs of the free gifts and promotional items:

Become a Transformed Woman product page.

  1. Scroll to the area below “Free Gifts and Promotional Items” and click the image. The Become A Transformed Woman Free Gifts and promotional items page is displayed in a new window or tab. (You can also access this page at any time by going to gifts.)
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up for your free gifts. Enter First Name, Last Name, Email address -- and your Student ID (cell phone number).
  3. You are taken to the Download page for the course-specific gifts and promotional items.
  4. Click the image of the free gift you would like to receive and save it to your computer (to the desktop area or any folder you choose).
  5. These items may be printed from your attached printer, or emailed or copied to another device (such as a USB) to have printed professionally.
  6. Please note that some promotional items contain an area to write in event information (location, date, time) and additionally have a text-editable field in the PDF document in the bottom right-hand corner to type in this information and print.

Register and Obtain Student ID

To download workbook PDFs and/or access course video sessions, you must be a registered student. 

Scroll to the link: To Access This Free Course.

Registered Students

  1. If you are already registered in the BSOW program, you will be given a password to access workbook and video sessions and will simply need to enter First Name, Last Name, Email address, and your Student ID (cell phone number).  Then click Submit.
  2. You will be taken to a screen that provides your password in bolded characters.  Please be sure to note this password and keep it for future reference.  You can return to the product page at any time in the future and download or stream using this course-specific password.  Then click the link to return to the product page. 

    Unregistered Students – To Register

    1. Scroll to and click on:  Click Here to Register and Obtain Your Student ID.
    2. Enter all fields in this form to become an official Student of the BSOW program.  Please note that all fields containing an * are required fields.  Click inside the text fields to enter your Student information.  Numbers 1 through 7 are dropdown options.  Click inside each box, a dropdown list appears, and scroll to select the answer.
    3. After all information has been entered, click the Submit button at the bottom of the form.
    4. Instructions and your password (in bold) are now displayed in the form area. Please be sure to note this password and keep it for future reference.  You can return to the product page at any time in the future and download or stream using this course-specific password.

    You will now be able to enter your password to access the Download Workbook and Access Video Sessions buttons using the instructions below. 

    Download Workbooks

    Course workbooks may be downloaded per course from the course Product Page. 

    1. Scroll to the bottom of the product page.
    2. Select Download Workbook.
    3. Enter the password provided.
    4. A page displays allowing you to download a PDF copy of the course workbook or save the file.   Save the workbook to your computer.  You can then view this PDF workbook using your computer, print it to any connected printer, or save to a USB or other media to share or have professionally printed (see Sharing Downloaded Course Materials).  

    Stream or Download Course Video Sessions

    1. Scroll to the bottom of the product page.
    2. Select Access Video Sessions button.
    3. Enter the password provided.
    4. The Vimeo Course video album page comes up with thumbnails of each of the course sessions.
    5. Click the thumbnail / image of the course you would like to stream or download.
        1. To stream the session, click the Play or > button.
        2. To download, scroll below the video and click the Download button.
        3. Select the video size and quality you wish to download. (Remember, the higher the quality of video downloaded, the larger the file size will be.) Click the Download button to the right of your choice.
    You will be prompted to save the MP4 file to a location on your computer. Follow the instructions in the Sharing Downloaded Course Materials section to share/copy to other devices.
      Video session Page

      Video Page

      Sharing Downloaded Course Materials

      Downloaded workbooks, free gifts/promotional materials and course videos can be shared using various media, including USBs and SD cards.

      1. Place USB, SD card or other media in the respective slot on your computer.  You will see the device appear in your computer directory listing (Windows Explorer or File Manager).
      2. Drag and drop files from the file location on your computer to the device icon or folder of the media.
      3. Eject or remove the device from your computer.  
      Thank you for visiting the website.